Fall Blow-Out: t will be necessary to have your sprinkler system pipes blown out in the fall each year, prior to the first hard freeze. This will help avoid cracked or damaged pipes. We recommend that you use a professional in the field to ensure that it is done properly.

Filters: The in-line filter located at the main waterline connection will need to be inspected and cleaned bi-annually, once in the spring shortly after the water is turned on and once mid season.

There are also small filters in many of the sprinkler heads themselves. For pop-up heads, the filter is located in the shaft of the pop-up and can be accessed by removing the shaft cap, or head. A clogged filter is usually the cause for a pop-up head that doesn’t work or has diminished output, and cleaning these filters may be necessary several times throughout the season.

Timer Clock: Timer clocks are initially programmed to “set-in” your landscaping and the times can usually be backed off a few weeks after the sod has been installed. You should have been provided with a Tahoe Homes Water Scheduling Guide, which is intended to be used as a starting point in setting your watering schedule. If you don’t have the guide, please contact our office.

As the temperatures change and modifications to the schedule are needed, the general philosophy is that it’s better to increase the number of times an area waters, rather than just increasing the duration. For example, two 5-minute sessions is better than one 10-minute session. The most common cause of damaged landscaping and water under homes is over-watering; therefore, it is critical to effectively manage this operation.

Test Cycle: Once each week of operation, it is advisable to run a test cycle or observe the cycle you have set to make sure all the heads are functioning properly, that none have been damaged or “moved” during lawn maintenance or mowing, and that individual unit filters are not clogged. In looking at the spray pattern of your sprinkler heads, do not allow irrigation water to regularly hit your home as it will damage the siding and paint.