Paint & Stain


Interior: The interior woodwork has been painted with enamel paint. These areas may be wiped down with a soft sponge and soapy water. The walls are painted with latex wall paint and should be touched up with matching paint rather than wiped with a wet sponge. DO NOT scrub the walls in your home, as this will remove both the texture and paint. Spackle may be used to cover any small defects prior to paint touch-up. Do not use soaps, abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or brushes for maintenance.

Touch-Ups: When doing paint touch-up, use a small brush, applying paint only to the damaged spot. Touch-up may not match the surrounding area exactly, even if the same paint mix is used.

Repainting: When it is time to repaint a room, prepare the wall surfaces first by gently cleaning with a mild soap and water mixture or a reliable cleaning product. Applying excessive amounts of water to flat latex walls can remove texture.

Stain: For interior stain touch-ups, Old English Furniture Polish and Scratch Cover is inexpensive, easy to use, and blends in with the wood grain. Follow directions on the bottle.

Exterior: Regular painting and repair will preserve the beauty of and add value to your home. Check the painted/stained surfaces of your home’s exterior annually. If you repaint before there is much chipping or wearing away of the original finish, you will save the cost of extensive surface preparation.

The chemical structure of the paint used on the exterior is affected by the climatic conditions. Over a period of time, this finish will fade and dull a bit. RSI Construction, LLC is not responsible for mildew, mold, or fading.

When you wish to repaint the exterior woodwork on your home, nails should be reset and the blistered or peeling portions should be wired-brushed or scraped with a putty knife, sanded, and spotted with primer. Then the entire area can be painted. Be certain to apply a top quality exterior paint that has been formulated for local climate conditions.

Do not allow sprinklers to spray water on the exterior walls of your home. This will cause blistering, peeling, splintering, and other damage to the home. Trim painted white or light colors will more readily show grain and cracks and therefore requires additional maintenance.

Severe Weather Damage: Hail and wind can cause a great deal of damage in a severe storm and the home should be inspected after such weather. Damage caused by severe weather should be reported to your insurance company promptly.

Limited Warranty

RSI Construction, LLC will only touch up paint, as indicated on the Pre-settlement List, prior to the homeowner moving in.

Touch-Up: Homeowner will be responsible for all subsequent touch-ups, unless provided as part of another warranty repair. Homeowner will receive a sample of each interior paint used for subsequent touch-ups. This paint should be stored so as not to be affected by freezing temperatures.

Touch-Up Visible: Paint touch-ups are sometimes visible under certain lighting conditions. For additional details on touch-up needed as a result of repairs, see individual categories of Drywall, Plumbing, etc.

Wood Grain: Due to wood characteristics, color variation will result when stain is applied. There will be no repair or replacements on such variations.

Fading: Fading of exterior paint or stain can be expected due to the effects of sun and weather. No repair is provided for this occurrence.

Cracking: Wood trim will develop some minor cracks and raised grain as it ages and dries. Much of this will occur during the first year. Raised grain can result in peeling paint; however, this is not due to a defect in materials or workmanship. Paint maintenance of wood trim and gutter is a homeowner’s responsibility.

Paint Colors: Wood trim painted white or light colors will more readily show grain and cracks and will therefore require additional maintenance by the homeowner.