Homeowner Maintenance Responsibilties

Just like an automobile, there are many items in your home that require regular maintenance and/or inspection. The following table details many such items and it is your responsibility as a homeowner to see that these tasks are performed. Failure to perform the tasks as indicated may void certain aspects of your home’s warranty.

Item Task Frequency
Furnace filters Clean or replace Every 4 months
Water heater Drain 5-10 gallons Every 4 months
Crawlspace Check entire area Every other month
Water connections (dishwasher, clothes washer, sinks) Check under and behind, retighten as necessary Weekly 1st-4th weeks, December 1st, June 1st
Sprinkler heads Check & adjust Weekly during watering season
Sprinkler main filter Remove & clean May 1st & July 15th
Sprinkler system Blow out water No later than Nov 10th
Smoke detectors Replace batteries Dec 1st, June 1st
Trees & shrubs Deep water Weekly 1st-4th weeks, Nov 1st, Mar 15th