Grading & Draining


The final grade is established to insure adequate drainage away from the home. It isn’t designed to shed water completely off of the home site, and that isn’t a reasonable expectation. Typical rainfall may result in ponding in the yard, but it shouldn’t be next to the foundation.

Changes to the final grade, such as the addition of berms, can trap water either in the yard or close to the home. For this reason, RSI Construction, LLC advises homeowners against making changes to the grade.

It is possible for the ground to settle in the backfilled areas around the foundation. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to watch for excessive settling to ensure that positive slope is maintained.

Over watering of the landscaping is the most common cause of drainage issues and can easily result in water in your crawlspace. Monitoring and controlling the amount of water applied to the landscaping is the most important maintenance item when it comes to the issue of drainage.

Limited Warranty

New Sod: New sod installation and the extra watering that accompanies it can cause temporary drainage problems, as can unusually severe weather conditions. No action by RSI Construction, LLC is provided for this condition.

Backfill Settlement: It is the Homeowner’s responsibility to insure that backfilled or excavated areas around the foundation and at utility trenches do not interfere with the drainage away from the house. If excessive ground settlement is discovered, RSI Construction, LLC will correct it.