Garage Overhead Door


Since the garage door is a large, moving object, periodic maintenance along with following the manufacturers instructions will insure safe and reliable operation.

Safety: Do not allow anyone near the door when it is in motion. Keep hands and fingers away from all parts of the door except the handle. Do not allow children to play with, or around the door.

Adjustments: For your safety, have any needed adjustments made by a qualified specialist. The door springs are under a considerable amount of tension and require special tools and knowledge for accurate and safe servicing. Have the door inspected by a professional garage door technician after any significant impact to the door.

Oil Drips on Cars: Do not over lubricate; doing so can result in drops on cars or the concrete floor.

Waxing: Paraffin wax, rubbed on the side jambs, will help the door operate smoothly.

Opener: If an electric door operator is installed, be sure the door is completely unlocked and the pull-down rope has been removed before using the operator.

Painting: The garage door should be repainted when the home is repainted or more often if needed to maintain a satisfactory appearance.

Locking: If the lock becomes stiff, a graphite lubricant will make it work more easily. Do not use oil on a lock as it will stiffen in winter and make the lock difficult to operate.

Light Visible: Garage overhead doors cannot be airtight and typically light will be visible around the edges and across the top of the door. Severe weather conditions may result in some precipitation entering around the door. This should be expected.

Limited Warranty

The garage door should operate smoothly and with reasonable ease. The door can become misaligned and require adjustment, which RSI Construction, LLC will perform one time during the one year warranty period following the home closing.