Exterior Stone Or Brick

Maintenance: All building materials are subject to expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature and humidity. This movement can result in separation between materials, particularly dissimilar ones. Small cracks in drywall and in paint, in wood trim, or where tile grout meets a tub or sink are all examples of the natural movement caused by expansion and contraction.

This can be alarming to an uninformed homeowner but, in fact, it is very normal. Shrinkage of the wood pieces of your home is inevitable. It will be most noticeable during the first year, but may continue beyond that time. In most cases, paint and caulking are all that is needed to conceal this minor evidence of a very natural occurrence. Properly installed caulking will shrink and must be maintained by the Homeowner.

Limited Warranty: The warranty will cover repairs only if the cause is defective workmanship. The Limited Warranty does not cover the natural occurrences discussed above. Refer to individual categories for specific information.