Shrinkage Cracks: Some slight cracking, nail “pops” and/or drywall seams may become visible in walls and ceilings. These occurrences are normally caused by the shrinkage of the wood to which the drywall is attached. RSI Construction, LLC will repair drywall damage due to this shrinkage within one year of closing.

Lighting Conditions: Repairs will not be made when only visible under particular lighting conditions.

Repainting: If the drywall repair is required as a result of inadequate workmanship (such as blisters in tape) or other warranty-based repair (such as a plumbing leak), RSI Construction, LLC will complete the repair of the damaged area with the original paint. RSI will not be responsible for any custom paint colors or wallpaper that has been applied subsequent to closing. Paint touch-up and texture pattern may not perfectly match surrounding area.