Doors & Locks


The interior doors installed in your home are hollow-core wood products and subject to the natural characteristics of wood such as shrinkage and warping. Due to humidity changes and the use of forced air furnaces, showers, dishwashers, etc., interior doors may require minor adjustments.

Sticking: The most common cause of a sticking door is the natural expansion of lumber due to changes in humidity. When sticking is due to swelling during the damp season, do not attempt any adjustment or repair to the door unless it continues to stick after the weather changes. Use sandpaper to smooth the door. Be certain to repaint the area of the door where it was sanded to seal against moisture.

Hinges: A squeaky door hinge can be remedied by removing the hinge pin and rubbing a lead pencil or graphite lubricant on it. Do not use oil or WD40, as it can gum up.

Failure to Latch: If a door will not latch due to minor settling, you can raise or lower the plate accordingly.

Bi-Fold Doors: Interior bi-folds will sometimes stick or warp due to weather conditions. Applying a wax such as paraffin to the tracks can minimize this inconvenience.

Slamming: Slamming doors can damage both doors and jambs, and can even cause cracking in walls. Do not hang on the doorknob and swing back and forth. This can work hardware loose and cause the door to sag.

Door Trim: Putty, caulk, or filler can be used to fill any minor separations that may develop at mitered joints in door trim. Follow with painting

Locks: Lubricate door locks with graphite or other waterproof lubricant. Avoid oil and WD40, as it can gum up.

Keys: Keep a duplicate “privacy lock” key where children cannot reach it in the event a youngster locks his/herself in a room. Some types of privacy locks can be opened with a small screwdriver or similarly shaped device.

Limited Warranty

Due to normal settling of the home, doors may require adjustment for proper fit. Tahoe Homes, LLC will make such adjustments during the first year.

Doors that warp in excess of 1/4″ will be repaired or replaced at RSI Construction, LLC’s discretion during the first year after closing.

Panels of wood doors will shrink or expand in response to changes in temperature and humidity. Touching up the paint or staining the unfinished areas that are exposed as a result of these changes are a Homeowner responsibility. Split panels that allow light to be visible will be corrected by RSI Construction, LLC by filling (not replacing) during the first year of ownership.