Heat: Always use a cutting board when cutting, chopping, etc. Protect the counter from excessive heat such as irons, hot pans, and coffee pots. If you cannot put your hand on it, do not put it on the counter.

Cleaners: Avoid abrasive cleaners as they will damage the luster of the surface.

Mats: Rubber drain mats can trap moisture beneath them causing the laminated plastic to warp and blister. Dry the surface as needed.

Wax: Wax is not necessary, but can be used to make counters gleam.

Caulking: The caulking around the edge of your counter tops and between the counter tops and the sink may shrink, leaving a slight gap. (See Calking for maintenance hints for this condition).

Granite: Granite countertops may need to be sealed once each year to provide maximum protection.

Separation: Separation of counter tops at walls and the back splash are the result of normal shrinkage of materials. To prevent warping, keep moisture away from the wood under the laminate.

Cosmetic: Any major surface imperfections (chips, cracks, scratches, etc.) Damage reported on the Pre-settlement List will be repaired by RSI Construction, LLC.

Laminate: Laminated counter tops typically will have one or more discernible seams. There should not be a gap at the seams.