Ceramic Tile

Maintenance: The ceramic tile installed on walls or counter tops in your home may be washed with any non-abrasive soap or detergent; abrasive cleaners will dull the finish. This includes mild abrasive liquid cleaners.

Separations: Tile around bathtubs or counter tops may appear to be pulling up after time. This is caused by normal shrinkage of grout or silicone. If this occurs, a new bead of silicone will need to be applied to these areas. This maintenance is important to protect the underlying surface from water damage.

Sealing grout is a Homeowner option and responsibility.

Limited Warranty: New grout may vary in color from the original. Cracks appearing in grouting of ceramic tiles at joints or junctions with other materials are commonly due to normal shrinkage conditions. RSI Construction, LLC will repair grouting and silicone during the first year.